Tortola Securiy

Security and Health on Tortola Vacations

Tortola vacations are generally carefree, safe and happy, but visitors should always be aware of the minor risks inherent in any trip, including Tortola vacations.

The biggest health concern on Tortola vacations involves overexposure to the sun. Travelers usually spend a lot of time lounging on the beach during their Tortola vacations; sunburn and sunstroke are a possibility under powerful Caribbean rays if unprotected. Using sunscreen and spending some time in the shade should be enough to eliminate this issue. Taking a quick note of the closest hospital at the outset of Tortola vacations is also a good idea, though the likelihood of ever visiting there should be slim to none. There are two pharmacies in Road Town that can be helpful for minor ailments like stomach upset and headaches, which are usually the extent of medical issues experienced on Tortola vacations.

Crime is almost never seen in the British Virgin Islands, but undertaking basic precautions during Tortola vacations is necessary nonetheless. Keeping valuables with you on walks or on the beach falls under this category, as does keeping rental car doors locked on Tortola vacations, especially if there are valuables inside.

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