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Island Tours - Tortola, British Virgin Islands

There are several ways to tour Tortola, British Virgin Islands' largest in land area, and it is small enough that one day of exploring should cover all of the island's best spots. The most informal tour operator on Tortola, British Virgin Islands, is the regular taxi cab; for a fixed fare, most taxi drivers will take groups of three or more around Tortola. British Virgin Islands cabbies are generally fair, but be sure to arrange a price in advance - you can always and add on in the end if he's been particularly helpful or animated!

There are few methods of sightseeing Tortola, British Virgin Islands, that are more organized or formal, as the island is not large or populated enough to accommodate large tour operators. On land, visitors can arrange tours to their liking through Travel Plan Tours. If they've rented a car Tortola, British Virgin Islands, can be explored in bits at a time or in one activity-packed day. Friendly Road Town should be included on any tour of Tortola. British Virgin Islands towns don't get much bigger than this pastel patchwork of charming homes and businesses, though Road Town would register barely a blip on the population radar on the larger Caribbean islands.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands' sailing hotspot, is heavenly for those who know how to guide their own boat or anyone who loves to tour islands from a slightly wetter vantage point. Catamaran Charters, The Moorings, and BVI Yacht Charters are just a few of the sailing companies available for arranging chartered tours around Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

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